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Family 's delight as they reunite with missing pet tortoise Delilah

Peterborough family relieved after their missing beloved pet tortoise Delilah was found earlier in the week. 
Pet tortoise Delilah has been found

Delilah and another tortoise have been part of the family, living at home in Eastfield Road for the last 33 years. 

On Monday (September 13) Daisy Hart, 29, told Peterborough Matters that their pet Delilah had been missing for over three days, and the family requested people to keep an eye out for her, saying she could have travelled a few miles around Eastfield Cemetery or Central Park.   

It’s believed the tortoise managed to escape through a hole in the family's fence, and they were concerned that if they didn’t find her she would dig herself down and hibernate - with their imminent house move on the horizon. 

But later that day, to their delight Delilah was found and returned to them. 

Daisy said: “She’s (Delilah) been found. A nice man called Dale found her last week and has been keeping hold of her safely until he saw all the posts about her. I want to thank you again.” 

As they say -  all’s well that ends well.