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Central Park: Fines handed out to youngsters' parents- and flytipping blights roads nearby

Police have continued their late-night patrols of Central Park throughout the week to enforce Covid-19 measures - fining two sets of parents for their youngsters contravening restrictions.
Some of the areas affected. Photo: Google Maps

Several large groups of 20 or more youngsters have been seen at the park in the past three weeks and on Wednesday they scattered when seen by police. Two were caught up with, and taken home where their parents were given the fines.

Officers have subsequently been out and about at midnight checking that the meet-ups have finished, and said on social media: "Now more than ever we need to work together as a community, everyone has a part to play in keeping us safe from this deadly virus, so our plea to you all is to be respectful and sensible and adhere to the measures in place."

At the start of the month dispersal orders were put in place 

Prior to that residents living around the park, on Prices Street, Park Road and All Saint's Road have been raising concerns about the large groups of people, with many saying they have been put off from visiting.

Nearby, Peterborough MP Paul Bristow has highlighted some of the worst examples of littering to the east of Central Park.

As Peterborough Matters reported this week, disgusting flytipping is occuring at Cobbet Place, where ownership of the land is a contentious issue - and it appears that other streets nearby are similarly affected.

In an open letter to Peterborough City Council chief executive Gillian Beasley Mr Bristow said: "I conducted a walkabout around Star Road, Morris Street, Saxon Road, Chester Road, Durham Road and some other surrounding roads in Eastgate and Eastfield yesterday (Thursday) with some local residents and East ward Councillor Azhar Iqbal.

"We saw some appalling examples of litter, fly tipping, and overgrown hedges and bushes. Local people shouldn’t have to put up with litter, fly tipping and overgrown hedges and bushes. I won’t let neighbourhoods in Peterborough be forgotten.

"I am grateful that following my visit Cross Keys Homes sent out rangers to clear some flytipping in the seating area at the corner of Chester Road and Saxon Road.

"I would also in particular like to highlight the following: The bushes that run alongside Star Close were all overgrown with litter and debris; much of the street vegetation along Saxon Road were covered in litter; fenced land at the corner of Morris Street by the Boongate dual carriage way was covered in litter; the open space that runs by Boongate further along the path from Morris Street needs maintaining and another enclosed piece of land just before the open space is a hot spot for flytipping;

"Residents inform me the area is a hotspot for drug taking and street drinking. I understand that some of the issues will need to be addressed by Cross Keys Housing or the Police, but I was most heartened by the partnership working on similar issues around Cobden Street."