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Five online finds to keep you amused during self-isolation

We've found five websites and apps that might be helpful during the hours of self-isolation.
Some websites to keep the kids entertained while they're at home (Photo: Pixabay)

Netflix Party -

This Google Chrome extension lets you watch movies with friends without being in the same room. It'll sync video playback so everyone is watching the same thing at the same time and the chat feature can be used to babble away about the best outfits, the bad accents, the dubious CGI and how good-looking the lead actor/actress is.

Sure, the popcorn might not be as good as it is at The Showcase, but once the movie is over you don't need to drive back home - which is something of a bright side?

Virtual School Activities -

Virtual School Activities is a collection of links to virtual tours and trips that can let you access amazing museums, zoos and historical places all from the comfort of your own home.

This is amazing for those trying to teach their kids at home - but also for adults looking for something to do. Never been to the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, or Ellis Island in New York City, or the Great Wall of China? See it here. Travel from your living room. No need to even get on a plane.

Audible Stories -

Audible have opened up their children's book streaming library for free for as long as the schools have closed - meaning that there's a huge collection of stories (in six different languages) ready to listen to.

Audiobooks are a great way to get kids learning and reading without needing them to sit down with a book - and with a whole host of classic books (from Winnie-the-Pooh to Alice in Wonderland to Frankenstein, with many more in between) there's a lot to choose from. There are even some that adults might want to finally take the chance to listen to, and they're great to listen to while you cook, clean or just close your eyes to the world for a minute.

Ocearch -

The nearest beach to us here in Peterborough might be about 38 miles away - and we're definitely not likely to see any sharks in Norfolk - but this website lets you track sea creatures all the way around the world. There's a sea turtle currently being tracked who was first monitored in Greece in July 2018 and is now swimming in waters around Libya, and that's just one of the many animals these scientists are following.

Waste hours following the sharks, turtles, dolphins and whales, seeing how far they've travelled and guessing where they might be heading next.

Supercook -

Supermarkets are promising that stockpiling and panic buying is unnecessary, there will be plenty of food for the duration of this crisis period. To make sure we get to use everything in the fridge, however, there's Supercook.

It's an app that can be downloaded or accessed on your desktop computer. You put in the ingredients you have in your house and it provides you with a recipe, meaning that nothing needs to go to waste and you don't need to make unnecessary trips out of the house.