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New golf store coming to Peterborough

Excitee(i)ng news for Peterborough, as AF Golf store is getting ready to open its branch in the city this April.
AF Golf is opening a new store in Peterborough this April (Picture: Oliver Fullerton)

Head of Sales, Oliver Fullerton, has confirmed the store will open on April 12 in a Covid-safe environment at the Eagle Business Centre in Yaxley. 

The independent business has one store in Cambridge and are now branching out to Peterborough. 

The store will have a selection of premium branding golf clothing, golf clubs, tees, and also a team of PGA Professionals and club fitters on site. 

Despite the pandemic and remaining shut for a few months, AF Golf says they had a "record year last year" and have "definitely seen a rise in people taking up golf".

Oliver Fullerton said: "We were very excited about the Peterborough store, we have actually built it. It’s a new unit so we have customised it with our ideas and how we want the shop to look. 

"I live locally, so that’s one of the reasons we decided to branch out the city. Peterborough has got quite a few golf courses in and around and not many shops to buy products form, so we think it’s a good opportunity to be able to offer the services. 

"We were shut between march and June, but we have had a record year. More people have taken up golf during lockdown. 

"It could be because a lot of indoor sport was closed or restricted. So, a lot of people are new to the game and I guess they wanted to treat themselves to new products after the lockdown, so we have definitely seen a rise in demand. 

"Originally our business started in Girton Golf course and then we moved out and set up shop independently in Cambridge only in October 2019, so considering it’s fairly new, we have had a record year last year. Business has been fantastic. The growth for the sport in the last year or so has been incredible.  

"We are looking forward to the new shop. All the Covid guidelines will be followed inside including faced coverings and social distancing."

More information can be found here