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How does the second lockdown affect tradespeople working at your home?

With the end of the second national lockdown still ten days away - at least - what does this mean in terms of having a tradesperson visit your home to carry out work?
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Who can you allow into your house during lockdown 2.0>

Many traders – the majority of whom are self-employed - may still be playing ‘catch up’ with their workload as a result of the first lockdown in the spring and are keen to continue to work in a COVID-safe way. 

Providing that social distancing measures and other regulations are met, you are permitted to ask a tradesperson to carry out work on your property (inside and out) or in your garden – according to the latest Government guidelines

And while, says Eileen L Voi of Safe Local Trades, it is a personal choice on the part of the customer, it is still possible as long as a few simple rules are adhered to.

Government guidance is that tradespeople can continue to work providing they are well, and they or no-one in their household has COVID-19 symptoms.

If your neighbour has tradespeople visiting their home; they are NOT flouting the social distancing rules simply by having work carried out at their property.

As a tradesperson or cleaner, you should maintain a safe distance (at least 2 metres) from any household occupants at all times and ensure good ventilation in the area where they are working, including opening the window.

Before attending a job, maintenance workers should contact families 20 minutes before they arrive so homeowners can prepare to keep a safe 2 metre distance.

Once inside, they should wash hands for 20 seconds and adhere to the social distancing rules.

Established locally in 2008, Peterborough-based Safe Local Trades is a community safety service that protects consumers from cowboy and rogue traders and is the only local trades register where all tradespeople are stringently vetted and DBS checked.

Eileen said: “All our members continue to be aware of social distancing and other rules around carrying out home improvements at customers’ homes, and the importance of adhering to them. 

“I want to reassure Safe Local Trades customers that all tradespeople (including cleaners) CAN continue to work as normal, provided they are well and continue to follow social distancing rules. Our members will wear masks where appropriate, wash hands, use sanitiser, clean down areas where they have worked and generally be COVID-aware.”

She added: “Customers can get in direct contact with the relevant trader through the Safe Local Trades website in the first instance to discuss any concerns they may have directly, and our traders will be more than happy to discuss those with the customer.

“However, I would also like to warn people around the city that rogue trading is still rife, so please do not engage with anyone who knocks on your door offering garden, driveway, roofing and any home improvements.”

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