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City landlords invited to house families in need of safe haven

Peterborough landlords with empty properties are being invited to house families from Afghanistan who have served with the UK military.  
Peterborough landlords are being invited to offer their properties for families in need of a safe haven

Peterborough City Council is one of several local authorities taking part in a scheme run by the government to relocate Afghan nationals who have served with the UK military and now need to leave their home country for their own safety.    

The government has been helping to relocate Afghan military members and their families to the UK since 2013, in recognition of their commitment and bravery serving alongside UK armed forces and officials.  

Following the announcement that NATO military forces are withdrawing from Afghanistan, the government is now actively working with authorities to accelerate the initiative over the coming months.

Peterborough City Council is looking to find suitable accommodation for such families, and landlords with three to four bedroom properties which are available from August / September onwards are being invited to get in touch.  

As part of the scheme, the council will guarantee the rent for 12 months, as well as meeting any repairs/maintenance costs.  After a year, PCC would look for the Afghan family to take on the tenancy.  

Cllr John Fox, Armed Forces Champion for Peterborough City Council, said: “We would like to hear from anyone who is interested in potentially housing a family. You will be providing those who have served this country with a safe haven and hope for a new life.  

“Many of the people who are eligible for this scheme have worked as military interpreters with our armed forces in difficult and dangerous conditions, often risking their lives in helping the UK to meet its military objectives. As a result of the current situation in Afghanistan, they now find themselves at increased risk.  

“If you think you could help by providing a property please get in touch. The council will take care of helping the families to integrate into the community and supporting them to find employment and access to health and education.”  

For more information about the scheme and how to get involved email