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Nene Park provides free educational resources for home learning

The Nene Park education team will be providing free educational resources for children to use both in the park and at home.
Ferry Meadows 3 January 2020
One of the activities will include a trail around the park, which is staying open to help people get outdoors at a safe social distance (Photo: John Baker)

There will be two resource types available - one weekly activity based in Nene Park and one daily activity that can be done anywhere.

The weekly park trail will be updated every Friday and uploaded to the children's trails and activities page. These activity sheets can be printed to complete in the park at any time. By providing these online, the park can allow parents and carers to avoid the visitor centre.

Starting from Monday March 23, the children's trails and activities page will also be updated daily with a new activity sheet for parents and children to do anywhere. These will consist of simple activities like quizzes, craft ideas and spotter sheets.

Nene Park's education team said: "We are excited to announce that while the schools are closed during the coronavirus pandemic our education team will be busy producing a wide range of exciting resources for children to keep them inspired, entertained and encourage them and their families to get out to the park.

"We have a wonderful natural resource here at Nene Park, which is open to all and can provide a wealth of learning and discovery opportunities for children and families, especially at this difficult time."