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Play on: New app will save gamers ‘thousands’

A new app enabling gamers to save money by swapping titles is due to go live this week.
Daryl Williams
Daryl is hoping to save Peterborough and UK gamers the costs of trading games

Earlier this year, in one of our most popular stories, Peterborough gamer Daryl Williams told us he had been shocked at how people were being "ripped off" when they came to exchange second-hand games in-store.

From that came the idea of launching an exchange platform where gamers could exchange Nintendo Switch games, with insurance, for the cost of postage. A strict set of rules applies to protect those who take part and no money is exchanged.

The exploding popularity of the Facebook group in the first year - it has already saved gamers an estimated £300,000, with almost £1m of games posted around the UK - convinced the team to launch an app to take the platform to the next stage.

The app and website, which have been in development since last October, are launching this week. Game Swap Shop UK also caters for Microsoft Xbox and Sony PlayStation gamers, and allows them to create specific shopping lists of titles.

Basic members will be able to message members, post games, swap games and become a trusted trader for free, while premium members will pay a monthly fee, with £1 going to Great Ormond Street Hospital from every sign-up.

Williams said: "Game Swap Shop UK is dedicated to making sure UK-based gamers play as many games as they can for as cheaply as possible, all by swapping your completed or unused games for games that you do want to play.

"Gamers can swap in confidence as we use a combination of our unique 'trusted trader' system, a strict set of rules and different membership ability, to make sure every swap made is as safe as possible.

"We aim to change the entire second-hand gaming industry not only in the UK but around the world. No longer will gamers have to be ripped off with trade-in values or have to go through the rigmarole of selling online. 

"We currently have one member on 85 swaps made. He's been able to play almost £4,000 of games for just under £230 total postage. 

"We are currently on a 99.96% success rate and are rated 4.9 stars out of five on Google with over 300 reviews. And I just recently found out I'm the highest-rated and most received business where I live in Ramsey. We are already looking at offices in Peterborough for next year and it's all very exciting."

The site is due to go live this week, and can be found here