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No screen for Nene as academy students complete challenges

Youngsters at a Peterborough school went screenless for a day to help boost mental health and wellbeing amid online home-schooling.
No Screen Day 1
Students enjoyed a day without screens at Nene Park Academy

Schools across the UK have had to adapt to online teaching following the challenges and restrictions brought about by the pandemic. This has naturally led to students spending an increasing amount of time online and in front of a screen.

Nene Park Academy, which has a roll of more than 1,200 students, held a no-screen day and instead of turning on laptops and phones focused lockdown learning on the academy’s PLEDGES and the ‘41 things to do before you turn 14’ programme.

Staff and students from across all year groups participated in a wide range of activities. One student at the academy cooked a selection of meals for his grandad, who is currently overcoming Covid-19, and left the meals on his doorstep for him to enjoy.

Other activities included donating clothes to charity, completing a random act of kindness, cooking a meal from a different country, teaching a family member a new skill, learning first aid and even planting and growing fresh food.

One student at Nene Park Academy, said: “It was fun and refreshing to take a day off screens.”

Robin Grover, Principal at Nene Park Academy, said: “The internet is a huge part of people’s lives and even more so now in the middle of lockdown with our students and staff all working remotely.

“However, it is so important that we take time to step away from the screen and engage in activities that help boost mental health and encourage human interaction.

“At Nene Park Academy, we believe in extending the boundaries of learning and challenge our students to try new things and gain memorable experiences. By opening up the world to our students, we can push for every student to achieve their potential.”

After the no screen day, one parent with a student at Nene Park Academy, said: “I just wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you to everyone - we are really impressed with the provision and communication from the school. The pledges day was a lovely change.”

The school remained open for children of critical workers and vulnerable students but provided the same no screen experience.

Due to the day’s success, the academy’s next no screen day will be held on Friday, March 5. To find out more about Nene Park Academy click here