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Permission granted for Adult Gaming Centre on Broadway

An adult gaming centre will replace a vacant retail unit at 4 Broadway after planning permission was granted by Peterborough City Council (PCC).
Permission has been granted for an adult gaming centre on Broadway

Nicholas Harding, Head of Planning at PCC, confirmed in a letter that the development of the adult gaming centre can go ahead in accordance with the approved plans submitted. 

The 279 square metre vacant retail unit will be turned into an centre by Cashino Gaming Ltd within three years of the date it was approved (Friday, February 12). 

As part of their plans, the company wanted to reassure the council and residents that it isn't a betting shop, though they do fall under the same category. 

They said: "Unfortunately, we're put into the same category as betting shops. This is because there is a widespread misunderstanding of how AGCs (adult gaming centres) operate and who our customers are. We want to address these misconceptions and demonstrate that a new AGC on your local high street is a good thing.

"Public concerns surrounding betting shops was largely due to the presence of Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (FOBTs). Our venues do not offer these types of machines. Our machines offer low stakes ranging from 10p to a maximum of £2. The average stake from our customer is between 30 to 40p. These machines have been around for many, many years.

"Our AGCs are where people come to spend their spare change, have a game of bingo and enjoy their favourite pastime in convenient locations. The market on the high street has evolved with venues now providing electronic bingo tablets."

The new centre will be the second adult gaming centre approved in six months, after a development at 282 Lincoln Road was also given the green light in August.