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Aldi extends delivery hours to enhance customer experience

Aldi on Brickburn Close, Peterborough, has been granted permission to extend the hours of their Sunday delivery by two hours, to improve customer experience.
Aldi extends delivery hours to enhance customer experience (Photo: Adobe Stock)

An application was submitted to Peterborough City Council by Katia Clarke, of Planning Potential LTD, on behalf of Aldi Foodstore to extend their delivery hours from 9am to 10pm on Sundays to 7am to 10pm, meanwhile, their 6am to 10pm Monday to Saturday would stay the same.

The application has been described as "necessary to Aldi's commitment to enhance and experience for customers".

Ms Clarke added: "With regards to deliveries, this means ensuring there is a reasonable delivery window outside of store trading hours for stores to be adequately services and restocked."

In the application it was explained that the delivery lorry uses the same car park as Aldi customers; therefore it would be more efficient for delivery vehicles to visit the store outside of opening hours.

With deliveries arriving while customers are in store, it results in shelves being stocked while people are shopping, which Aldi has said is not commercially practicable or desirable. 

The increased delivery window has since been increased following approval from Nicholas Harding, Head of Planning at Peterborough City Council.