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A journey down the Amazon - How Peterborough's warehouse is preparing for Black Friday

For around an hour or so on Tuesday, I quit my job as a reporter and became an Amazon employee – and let me tell you, it's a different world out there!

It's a big difference from being sat at my desk, I even had to do exercises before I could start (yes, I thought they were joking. In fact, so did our photographer!) 

Yesterday was the first time I have been in the Amazon Warehouse at Kingston Park, something that seems to be unheard of among journalists in Peterborough who have been doing this for a while... 

Instead of entering through a front door, I entered through a large white tent, which had cameras in that took your temperature without you even knowing, if it wasn't for the signs everywhere, I honestly would have had no clue – technology, right? 

With my mask on, I walked through some barriers and entered the building before I was taken up to a room for introductions before the tour. I was also told in this room that I could pack some parcels, if I wanted to. I thought to myself "Why not? I order from Amazon enough! I may as well see how it works."

So, as we walked around the building and I saw just how busy it was (but, I must add, no one was close together, everyone was just hard at work), it felt a little overwhelming – the closest I've ever come to a warehouse is when I had to do stock as a Christmas Temp at Boots aged 16, and trust me, it was nothing like this! 

There were so many different products flying off the shelves, from dog treats to cookery books – I also learned that those of us on Prime can only receive something next day if it's already in the warehouse. Since then, I've been thinking of all the random bits and pieces that I ordered on Next Day Delivery and I'm a little baffled at the fact they have so many things in their warehouse. 

Nearing the end of my trip, I set up shop to start packing some products. I got my gloves and my knife (that I didn't need to use) at the vending machine and I got myself ready to work. 

Before I could start though, I was walked through some exercises that took me right back to PE in school. You know, the little bits you would do to warm up before a lesson? Stretches, a little march on the spot and even lunges, I'm just lucky they didn't want me squatting!

Anyway, I was told what packaging to pick and what products were getting sent out. It was two books, one of them being a Wagamama recipe book (which I'm now thinking I might treat myself to...) and I bundled them together and sent it off down the conveyer belt. 

As we left, I was informed of the thousands of orders that go out per day, by the two-thousand employees they have on board at the moment. 

One thousand of them are permanent, one thousand are seasonal workers. There are millions of items held at Amazon Warehouse and from the size of it, you can tell!