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Amazon: 'We're proud to support organisations making a difference in our community'

Peterborough Soup Kitchen and Peterborough Foodbank have both received £5,000 each from the Amazon Fulfillment Centre.
Amazon: 'We're proud to support organisations making a difference in our community' (photo: Terry Harris)

Peterborough Soup Kitchen, which provides hot soup, food and drinks throughout the year to people in need, has supplied breakfasts and lunch bags to the homeless throughout the pandemic, while providing hundreds of breakfast bags for school children.  

The donation will be used for the installation of electrics for the charity’s mobile serving van and to provide kitchen starter sets for homeless people moving into accommodation.

Peterborough Foodbank, which is operated by KingsGate Community Church and supported by other churches across the city, provides emergency food parcels to people who cannot afford to buy food; the donation will be used to purchase food and essentials such as toiletries, tin openers and other items that families need.

Victor Pulido, general manager at Amazon in Peterborough, said: "We’re proud to support organisations such as Peterborough Soup Kitchen and Peterborough Foodbank that are making a real difference in our community. The staff and volunteers at both charities have been a great support to people in Peterborough during Covid-19 and we want to lend a helping hand with this donation."

The charities were nominated for support by Michael Power, who said: "It’s great to hear that Peterborough Amazon chose the Foodbank and the Soup Kitchen to support. Many people are unable to work through no fault of their own and struggle to get by - I hope this donation gives the charities a boost."

Ian Barber, chairperson from Peterborough Soup Kitchen said: "Like all charities, our services have never been needed more than they are now. Amazon’s support is hugely appreciated and will enable us to continue to provide children with breakfasts and vulnerable families with essentials. Thank you to Victor and the team in Peterborough for this donation."