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Artist Roland's new book will tell the stories behind his work

A Peterborough-based artist has started to tell the tale of his work in a series of small books.

Djibo Art's Roland Burt has recently set up an impressive studio at Sacrewell Farm (complete with Swallows in the roof), and as well as his numerous courses has put tales from his background into print.

The first book - A Child's Mind of Yesterday - has been two years in the making, and will reveal deeper stories of growing up in North Yorkshire, his travels across Europe, and the influences of Neolithic cave paintings, Art Deco, and West Indian and African Art.

The cover, combining Roland as a child with some of his work, was designed by Peter Martyr of GP Prints.

There are three new pieces in the book and Roland said: "The idea is that I'll write 20 books by the time I'm finished, two a year, and I'm going to tell the story of every painting I've done. 

"I'm always being asked about the meanings behind my work; I always had an idea to do it and started doing leaflets which were well-received.

"I want to show anyone that wants to follow me that we're all capable of writing a book, and this is going to be 100% mine."

The studio also has a busy time ahead for summer and later in the year.

Roland added: "The first thing Sacrewell does is to make sure the businesses that are based here are settled. 

"For me they are talking to the schools, and with the sensory garden they are talking to people with post-traumatic stress such as the RAF, Army, Navy - they are all going to come here. I've also got WIs booked for later in the year.

"So the future is bright."

The books are £11 and can be ordered here: