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Remote residency call out for creatives by Metal art organisation

Arts organisation Metal is continuing its remote residencies scheme, which proved successful in replacing the Artists in Residencies programme last year, as the pandemic took hold.
'Black with a Capital B' - Amber Akaunu
Amber Akaunu used her remote residency to create an open call out for Black people with afro hair to share their “Afro Hair Ritual” for a new film work.

Each residency will receive £1,000, which is split into £500 when awarded and £500 when it has been completed. 

Applications are currently open for residencies in February, with another round opening next month.

Round One: 

Residency in February, application deadline of January 18.

Six residencies awarded.

Find the application form here.

Round Two:

Residency in March, application deadline of February 15

Six residencies awarded, applications open next month.

A spokesman said: "The aim of the remote residency is to support artists to develop and strengthen their practice, to work with artists to help amplify their voice through their work, to respond to the Covid-19 health emergency to enable artistic development to continue, particularly in our immediate local communities.

"Also, to focus our available resources within our local creative communities – but with an eye on the national and global possibilities of collaboration offered through remote working and our networks and to support diverse voices from a range of artistic disciplines and social backgrounds, with unique perspectives to share."

A remote residency allows artists to continue to work from their own home or studio but with access to the staff support, networks and resources available from Metal.

The Metal team will provide a month of support and work with artists of all artistic disciplines.

The team added: "We will ask you to think about why the support of Metal is important to you at this time and in the development of your practice/idea.

"Our selection will focus on those artists who feel there is a genuine rationale for working alongside Metal.

"These Remote Residencies do not have to be about technology. They can also be about analogue approaches.  By remote – we mean that our support and your work will all be done whilst respecting social isolation rules and staying at home. Your ideas do not necessarily have to take place in a digital way."