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Peterborough feminist art zine launches second issue

The second issue of Peterborough's feminist art zine has been published, with creators finding the process of getting it out during lockdown "challenging but positive".
The second issue of the zine showcasing an array of artwork from Peterborough's diverse community (Photo: Amanda Rigby)

Gaze is a project devised by artist and creative illustrator, Amanda Rigby, with support from Katy Hawkins. 

The first issue was published and distributed in March, before the country went into lockdown, and the second was planned to be finalised in April. 

GAZE02: Completely Be Within Myself was launched digitally on April 16 and was then printed and dropped into local cafes by the end of May.

This edition includes work from Pigeon La Rue, Madhu Manipatruni, Hannah Saunders, Amber Lawrence, Catherine Leyland, Katy Hawkins, Fiona Cifaldi, Lorna Harrington, Ruth Campbell-Ekins and Cath Brooks.

Amanda Rigby commented: "It’s been great finding a way to still get it out there. Challenging but so positive.

"A big thank you has to go to our curators Kate Genever, Prin Marshall, Anita Nayyar and Sarah Haythornwaite, and researcher Katy Hawkins."

Four artists fold and staple the printed copies at home and then either post or do "guerilla drops in public places" to allow open cafes to distribute them. This folding/stapling team keep the task fun by holding a Zoom meeting at the same time - providing some support and chat while they work.

The print run is smaller than the first edition, because the logistics of printing and finishing are more complex, but digital copies will extend the reach further.

Additionally, work is being done on an audio descriptive version so that the zine can be enjoyed by visually impaired audiences. One of the artists was due to make a Braille version but doesn't have access to a brailler as a result of lockdown.

The digital copy of Gaze can be found here. The Willow Cafe in Central Park is one of the distribution points to pick up a copy.