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Peterborough artwork being used for America's anti-racism protests

A Peterborough artist’s work against racism is being used as symbol of solidarity by people taking part in the ongoing protests in America, after a black man died in police custody in Minneapolis. 
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Anti-racism artwork created by Peterborough artist, is being used as a global solidarity symbol for black man who died in Police custody

Protesters in America have taken to the streets demanding justice after a 46-year-old black man died in police custody last week. George Floyd died from injuries after a police officer from Minneapolis Police force kneeled on his neck causing him to succumb in the end. 

A passer-by captured this on video which has gone viral. Reports suggests that George Floyd had allegedly committed Forgery.


The solidarity campaign for George has reached Peterborough, after an artwork against racism created by local city artist is being shared across the world.  

Nathan Nice from Street Arts Hire created an anti-racism artwork in a city underpass near Taverners road, for Diaspora, a local Arts and Education charity working against Racism.

This image of two hands of different colours joining to make a heart was spotted by a resident from Minneapolis, who sought permission to use it to show solidarity towards George and join the campaign against racism.

Since sharing this news on his social media, Nathan said more people have joined in and are using the picture for the same reflection.

Speaking to Peterborough Matters, Nathan said: “It was so unexpected, but great to see that I have made an impact to someone thousands of miles away from me.

“I made this piece in November last year for a local charity working against racism.  

“I have been asked  by someone in Minnesota, if this can be used as a profile picture to show solidarity and resonate with all that is happening in America for George, who died in police custody. I am more than happy for it to be used. I am overwhelmed to know something I created here is making an impact globally. 

“I shared this news on my social media, and people from America contacted me and since then many more people have viewed it and have joined in.  It has had quite a few shares on Facebook so far. 

“Even when I created this piece of art, it was very well received in the city.” 


nathan 1Nathan Nice with Karima Shah of Diaspora charity pose in front of the anti-racism artwork, in a city underpass, getting global attention