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Look out for hundreds of shooting stars next week

The Leonid meteor shower will reach peak activity at the beginning of next week - with more than 15 shooting stars an hour expected to be visible over Peterborough.
The Leonid meteor shower usually peaks in November (Photo: Adobe Stock)

The shower peaks overnight on November 16, visible form midnight through to 5.40am on November 17.

The Leonid meteor shower happens every November when the Earth's orbit passes through debris from the Comet Tempatel-Tuttle.

With this year set to be more visible than the 2019 showing, it could be a good time to get stargazing. The moon will only be 5% illuminated on the night, creating good viewing conditions for the meteors.

To see some shooting stars, it is recommended to find somewhere away from light pollution. Also, you should let your eyes adapt to the dark for approximately 30 minutes to see more.

Phil Adams, from Peterborough Astronomy Society, shares his tips on how best to catch the display.

He said: "The Leonids will originate from a point low down in the east during the late evening, from the constellation of Leo. At 15 meteors per hour, this will be a reasonable show so you should be lucky enough to catch one or two of them if the sky is clear.

"Get your sun loungers out, wrap up warmly, have flask of your favourite hot drink to hand, then lie back and enjoy the show."