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Beauty sector busier than ever as appointments double

The beauty sector was one of the last businesses to open follow the first national lockdown, resulting in busy months as they caught up with countless appointments before going into lockdown 2.
The Lash Fairy
Ellie has been incredibly busy booking in her eyelash clients in December

As they entered lockdown 2, beauticians across Peterborough prepared for a busy December, with the lead-up to the festive season always being their busiest time of year.

Many small beauty businesses were unsure how the lockdown would affect their work, with Christmas parties cancelled and lack of social events, but as they were given the green-light to reopen, their diaries soon booked up. 

One local business, The Lash Fairy Ellie, is still quite new to the industry, but like many other lash artists, she still ended up extending her days and adding many extra appointments.

Speaking to Peterborough Matters, she said: "Since we came out of the second lockdown I have been busier than ever. I'm still quite new to the beauty industry so I wasn't sure how December would be, but I have had to extend my days and hours to fit in as many of my clients as possible – alongside working another job and looking after a two-year-old. 

"With a lot of help from my partner, I have been able to add more slots to my diary to make sure I can fit everyone in just before Christmas. 

"Before lockdown 2 I was having a consistent amount of clients every week with limited appointments available, but now I'm booked right up to Christmas Day and working every evening and weekend.

"My appointments have nearly doubled now, which is great for a new business like mine, but it's challenging to keep the work life balance. But I'm doing my best to make my business work."

The beauty sector has now closed due to Tier 4 and will not reopen until we re-enter Tier 3.