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Bretton parish councillors to hold public surgeries from next month

Bretton parish councillors are to hold public surgeries from next month.
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Bretton parish councillors are to hold public surgeries from December

The proposal was discussed at the council meeting held last week (October 26). The suggestion came from councillor Paul Gatward – although he could not make it to the meeting. 

From December, on the second Saturday of the month, parish councillor surgeries will be held at Bretton venues including the Pyramid Centre, the Cresset and Copeland Centre to give residents a chance to drop in, have a cup of tea and get to know their councillor. 

The members suggested the meeting venue could be moved around to cover different areas of Bretton.

It will give the public an opportunity to know who the parish councillors are and share any concerns they have about the local are,a and also offer councillors a platform to explain their role as a member of the parish.

Meeting chair Catherine Lee recalled such surgeries used to be held a few years ago at the library on a regular basis. 

The first session is scheduled to be held on December 11, from 11am to 1pm, with one held every two months to begin with and then become a monthly event.

More information will be posted on the Parish Council website and Facebook page.