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Catholic school team says 'any local child is expected to get a place'

The team behind the new St John Henry Newman Catholic Primary School, set to open in September 2022, has said that any local child wanting a place at the school is expected to get one.
'Any local child wanting a place at the school is expected to get one', says St John Henry Newman Catholic Primary School (photo: DLA Architecture)

Reservations regarding the new Catholic school have been put forward by residents in Hampton East concerned that children who live in the local area will not be accepted. 

The school has committed to 25% of students who live in the catchment area getting a place in the first year it has opened, if in the event the school is over-subscribed. If not, more students from the catchment area would be given a place. 

Providing details on schools places, the Shadow Governors said: "We know that this is the biggest concern for parents, especially those living close to the new school. Even though this is a Catholic school, we still expect that every child who wants a place at the school, where St John Henry Newman School is their closest school, will be able to get a place.

"The admissions process for this school will follow the same timetable as for all primary schools and you can find more information about this on Peterborough City Council’s website."

The staff also addressed concerns regarding traffic levels, with the Shadow Governing Body saying: "We don’t think this school will cause any more traffic than any other primary school of this size. We don’t believe that lots of pupils will be driven to school from a very long way partly because distance from the school will be a factor in deciding who gets a place in the school."

They also explained the extent of Religious Education in the school, adding that they teach the national curriculum just like non-Catholic schools, they said: "Religious Education is an important part of the curriculum in Catholic schools but only accounts for around 10% of the timetable."