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Willow Cafe plan conversion of unused tennis courts to outdoor seating

Plans to extend the outdoor space at Willow Cafe could see the redevelopment of the 'redundant' tennis courts in Central Park.
Willow Cafe customers could be getting more outdoor seating choice

A planning application has been submitted to Peterborough City Council to convert the grassed area next to the Willow Cafe into an outdoor area "to include picnic tables, gazebos, patio paving, storage and an under cover area for dog walkers".

There are no plans to put up any fixed structures, but the open metal mesh fencing will be removed to open the land up for use by the cafe.

The land earmarked for use was historically used as tennis courts but, according to the application, has not been used for this purpose in "over a decade", since 2009.

willow-cafeThe Willow Cafe is hoping to expand into the unused tennis courts, seen here. By Google Maps

A statement from Adrian Corrigan, owner of the Willow Cafe, reads: "The courts are no longer playable as the lawn has not been maintained as required and is now simply mowed as and when required."

The bowling green and six modern tennis courts will not be altered.