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Poll: Readers react to 'partygate' scandal

There is never a good time for a sitting government to become consumed by a political scandal so severe that its leader faces daily calls to resign. 
Prime Minister, Boris Johnson said he 'will not hesitate to bring in more measures' as cases rise across the country (Picture: PA)

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been embroiled in allegations over numerous parties held in Downing Street while the rest of the UK was in lockdown, sparking national outrage. News of a "bring your own booze" party held in the Downing Street garden at the height of the UK's first coronavirus lockdown forced the Prime Minister to apologize this week and admit he attended the event.

The 'partygate' scandal worsened as another gathering was held in Downing Street the night before the funeral of Prince Philip.

Our recent poll shows the outrage of local citizens over this scandal, with 60% of voters labelling the party as 'disgusting and hypocritical' calling for all those involved to resign.

A smaller portion of voters (27%) exclaimed that the scandal was not good, but it was nearly two years ago, and it is now time to move on. 

There were also votes for 'don't care, the rules were ridiculous anyway' (22, 5%) and 'I don't have any problem with it, hope they enjoyed it!' (28, 7%).

The parties have been  hotbed of political media over the past few days.

The situation is worsened by NPCC statistics, which show that police in England and Wales have processed a total of 118,438 fixed penalty notices for breaches under the Health Protection Regulations 2020, with the upper limit for fines also reaching £3,200.

During the months of the 'partygate' event taking place, 120 residents within the county of Cambridgeshire were handed fixed penalty notices for breaches of the Health Protection Regulations 2020. 

Despite this, at least one local Conservative MP stood in solidarity with the Prime Minister.

North-West Cambridgeshire MP Shailesh Vara says Boris Johnson’s apology made in the House of Commons for attending the lockdown party at No.10, was “heartfelt and wholesome”. 

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