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Permanent use of supported living scheme for young adults approved

Brinkley House, in Hampton, Peterborough, a supported living housing scheme for up to six young adults, has been granted permanent use after almost two years of operating.
Permanent use of supported living scheme for young adults approved

The house has been in use since May 2019, but it was only given temporary approval previously; however following a planning application re-submitted to Peterborough City Council (PCC), permanent approval has been granted. 

Since its opening in 2019, nine young people, aged between 16 to 19, have been placed within the home. 

Of the three who have left, two of them successfully moved on to employment and are living independently in Peterborough, though one had her placement ended as she was not suitably placed, and has since moved into another. 

In the statement to request a permanent supported living housing scheme, operations manager Sue Henriksen said: "The residents are well integrated into the local community, and we have not had any complaints from our immediate neighbours in respect of Brinkley House. We have developed good communication and in some cases friendships with our immediate neighbours.

"All our young people have been, and continue to be, enrolled in education - currently this is being supported and accessed from home, but prior to Covid, all residents were attending three different education provisions across Peterborough. All residents have engaged fully with Keywork sessions that have supported them to work through their life skills programme, this has been especially important due to the current Covid restrictions, which all of the residents have at times struggled with, like any teenagers, but continue to abide by.

"Parking has not been an issue at all since being open, with one or two cars being parked in our nominated spaces. We have continued to strive to ensure as many meetings as possible are held away from the home, to limit the volume of people visiting, out of consideration for our neighbours, currently all meetings are attended remotely. During the last two years we have had a very stable staff team, who all live in the Peterborough area, several staff reside close to the provision and the manager within walking distance."

Following the application, PCC approved the removal of the temporary condition and confirmed that it is now permanent, with a maximum of six people at any one time.