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Are you up for PCR's Community Charity Challenge?

The Community Charity Challenge, from Princebuild and Peterborough City Radio FM (PCRFM), has been launched this week.
The PCRFM and Princebuild Community Charity Challenge could see locals win a donation to their favourite charity

PCRFM listeners are being asked to nominate a charity close to their heart which will then be in with a chance of winning a cash donation from Princebuild.

A random winner will be chosen, with £50 donated directly to their chosen charity and another bonus prize up for grabs - if the listener correctly answers a 50/50 question on air.

Those that get the answer right will win an additional £100 minimum for the charity. Those that get it wrong will see the £100 roll over to the next week's competition, where that listener could be getting £200 for their chosen organisation.

All who take part will receive a branded gift from Princebuild and PCRFM, as well as written confirmation of the donation made on their behalf.

Katie Chapman from Whittlesey nominated the first charity of the challenge: CDH UK. Katie’s son was born with a rare congenital diaphragmatic hernia and the charity provided invaluable support and advice to Katie, as they do for many other parents whose babies are affected by the condition.

Katie successfully answered the 50/50 question on air and won £150 which will be donated directly to CDH UK.

She said: "Thank you to PCRFM and Princebuild for the £150 donation to CDH UK - the Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Charity - this morning. It will go towards helping patients and families affected by the condition."

The challenge will be on air every Friday at just after 8am. To take part visit the Princebuild website and fill in the entry form.