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Nicolle Moyo: 'I experienced negativity during campaign, but I stayed focused'

In part two of our chat with councillor Nicolle Moyo, we spoke to her about being a young Conservative, the complexities of Hargate and Hempsted and the plans for Hampton East.
Nicolle Nkazimulo Moyo gained more than double the votes of the next candidate in Hargate and Hempsted

Moyo has been a proud Conservative councillor for almost a month following her success at the election, but during her campaign, she faced a backlash and negativity. 

Speaking on her challenges, she said: "It's been difficult. I have received backlash for being a Conservative candidate, but I think it's important to remember that elections are about the individuals.

"Their ability and desire to bring about a positive change is the most important thing and I think you have to focus on that. 

"I experienced some real negativity during campaigning, but the fact that I had my mind focused on the vision of making Hampton a better place was vital. Change doesn't come easy, there is always resistance, so I kept focused on the purpose of making a difference. 

"No matter what, the most important thing for me was always getting things done. We have to be strong, you can't please everyone, it won't happen – but if you're strong and determined, you can achieve change.

"I think sometimes you have to move away from party politics and focus on getting things done."

But the backlash didn't hold Moyo back, and she said she now had big plans she was preparing to implement across Hargate and Hempsted Ward. 

She said: "My focus for Hampton East is to get roads adopted in a timely manner, in doing so we want to install bins and we want to make it the most pleasant place for residents moving into the area.  

"For Hampton Water specifically my focus is the pavilion - this is a really exciting project and it’s something that we’re trying to get on board. I think it will be key for transforming the community and driving the engagement, that’s key for us.  

"In Hargate we want to maintain the beautiful areas as it is and we are trying to ensure it remains clean and that there are enough bins, we want to make sure that certain areas which have an issue with parking will be controlled.

"We are working with schools to try and see what we can do to reduce traffic and parking, especially during peak hours. Above all else it’s responding to residents' concerns and needs, that’s key. Sticking to my word is also important to me - I want people to realise that I have done what I said and think, 'Yes, Nicolle is a woman of her word'."

A particular issue is St John Henry Newman, the faith school planned for the area. 

"The faith school has been a really interesting issue," said Moyo.

"I live in front of a school, I understand all the issues that comes to place when a school is built, but with that being said there is a great need for more school places in Hampton. I’m in agreement on that basis, that’s nothing on faith, the most important thing to consider is that there will be more school places for children. 

"If I could not have the faith element of the school I would do that, but I wasn’t here when that decision was made. But at the end of the day, there is going to be more school places.

"All I can do is support the residents. If there are any issues surrounding the faith element, I am happy to support residents to ensure that every child in Hampton Water gets a place in that school, that’s the most important thing."

Moyo also expressed her desire for Hampton East to have shops and local amenities including a post office, takeaway and, most of all, the pavilion.

She said: "I can’t express how excited I am at the prospect of the pavilion and I will do everything in my power to see that through because that will change Hampton East as a whole. I can’t stress the important of community cohesion, it is so important, it brings a sense of belonging. I think it attracts inward investment too.

"You can use the space to educate people on local issues, a multitude of things, and that’s what we need. There is no point in building so many houses but not having enough facilities to accommodate the growth – you have to find a balance between having houses and having facilities for people to come together." 

As laid out in part one of our chat with Moyo, she said she hoped to drive education, environmental growth and engagement across Hampton Hargate and Hempsted Ward.