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45-minute drive to closest Nando's open for takeaway

Nando's announced yesterday, May 22, that a number of their restaurants will be open for delivery and takeaway.
Nandos in Cambridge has reopened for takeaway (photo: Nando's)

Given the magnitude of the restaurants opened by Nando's already, it's likely that Peterborough will see the popular chain reopen imminently. 

In the meantime, if you're missing the peri-peri chicken taste, it's only a 45-minute drive to the closest one. 

Nando's in Cambridge has announced they will be opening, and while we're not suggesting you drive 45 minutes just to get some chicken, it is possible to spend the day in Cambridge at one of the parks, as per the government guidelines. 

Prime Minister Boris Johnson previously told the public that as long as they don't cross the border, they can drive wherever they wish to spend time outdoors. 

Daily exercise has now been increased to multiple times in a day and he has clarified you can sit – or sunbathe – in a park. 

Therefore, if you decide to drive to Cambridge, not only can you see the beautiful sights surrounding the city, but you can also treat yourself to a peri-peri meal. 

After Cambridge, Leicester is the closest Nando's, at just a mere 15 minutes longer in the car.