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Abbey College celebrates award for supporting new teachers

Abbey College, in Ramsey, has achieved the Early Career Development Quality Mark (ECDQM), awarded to recognise effective support and development of teachers just starting their careers.
Abbey College is proud to have achieved the Early Career Development Mark for supporting newly qualified teachers (Photo: Athene Communications)

The award is valid for three years and recognises the college's dedication to helping newly qualified teachers (NQTs) develop and settle into their roles.

In a letter addressed to the college, the assessor, Dr. Simone Whitehouse, said: “Your provision for teachers in the early stages of their career shows excellent practice and is broader than the duties outlined in the national guidance for NQT induction. It is organised, rigorous and enables new teachers to have a voice in their induction programme and to feel valued.”

Andy Christoforou, headteacher at Abbey College, said: “I am extremely proud of this achievement, which will help raise the profile of Abbey College as an employer and promote the outstanding mentoring taking place in our college. We believe in ensuring all staff are challenged to the best of their ability, while supporting their wellbeing and future progression. We are looking forward to continuing to build on this provision even further in the future.”

To achieve this award, the college had to complete a self-evaluation on the support, processes and provision in place at the college for new teachers. This was then reviewed by an assessor to confirm the judgements made.

The successful completion of the assessment means that Abbey College will benefit from a certification recognising the effectiveness of the college in providing for NQTs. There will also be a wall plaque to display at the college.

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