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Nearly 300 children deregistered from schools during Covid-19

As of May 1, 2021, Peterborough City Council noted that 615 children of compulsory school age were not registered pupils at a school.
Nearly 300 children deregistered from schools during Covid-19 (Photo: Adobe Stock)

The numbers were addressed in a Freedom of Information request, and it was noted that prior to the 615, as of September 1, when students first went back after the summer holidays, 479 children were not registered pupils at school. 

This is an increase of nearly 100, with 384 children not being registered pupils at a school on September 1, 2019, just one year prior. 

A question was raised regarding the reason of removing children from schools, in which the Freedom of Information request sought details on the number of children which were removed from education as the parents elected to home educate, which saw 272 students recorded during the September to May time-frame.

Of this, a significant proportion of children currently in home education is due to the reaction of Covid-19, with some parents recognising that they plan to send their children back to school once they feel it is safe to do so. 

111 parents of home-schooled children noted that coronavirus had a part to play in removing their children from school.

A spokesperson from Peterborough City Council said: "Most of the increase in parents de registering for the purpose of home education has been the reaction to the coronavirus infection and the concerns of parents that schools were not in their view safe places for their children to attend.  

"Of the current Elective Home Education co-hort, 111 parents submitted this as their reason for taking their children out of school.  However, the co-hort analysis figures are based on the full co-hort and not just those that deregistered since September 2020.

"Some parents have expressed a desire once the virus is under control to return their children to mainstream education and all are signposted to the Admissions Team for support.

"We are awaiting parental reason for 86 students and 20 cases have been deregistered due to the fact the parents found that home schooling during the first lockdown was a positive experience and chose to continue their own education."