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Peterborough Costa open for drive thru in Hampton

Costa Coffee has opened for drive thru in Hampton, Peterborough.
Costa Hampton
Costa Coffee has opened for Drive Thru in Hampton (photo: Carly Beech)

The popular coffee shop was previously available on Uber Eats in Peterborough in conjunction with the Brotherhood store. 

After successfully starting a slow reopening process, they have now opened their drive thru to customers in Peterborough. 

Costa opened a number of stores on May 21 and started implementing the slow opening of drive thru stores since. 

They have said their plan is to have all drive thru's open by May 28.

Sharing the news on their Twitter, they said: "Good news! Over the next two weeks we are re-opening all our Drive-Thru lanes, 75 will re-open today and 58 will re-open on May 28." 

The queues at Costa in Hampton have already been lengthy, but luckily for any new customers, it isn't the same site as KFC, Krsipy Kreme and McDonalds, so you'll avoid the 50-car-long lines.