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Couple launches second business in lockdown with axe-throwing adventures

Angle Axe Throwing is the second active adventure of Adam McCarthy and Tiffany Collyer, and it's expected to open soon at PE1 Retail Park.
Adam and Tiffany
Couple launches second business in lockdown with axe-throwing adventures (photo: Adam McCarthy)

Their new venture comes just over a year after the duo launched Angle Escape Rooms, which was gearing up to open just days before the first national lockdown, which forced them to close their doors.

With lockdown slowly lifting across England, the pair have now been able to announce their next business venture in Unit 12-13 of the PE1 Retail Park as Angle Axe Throwing. 

Speaking to Peterborough Matters, Adam said: "We have enough space for six large ranges and a big social space. We're aiming to get ourselves open for late May or early June.

"We're looking at opening with a promotional price of £40 per private lane hire for up to six throwers, which puts us around at least one third of the price of other throwing ranges. Our opening hours will be from Tuesday to Sunday, 10am to 10pm.

"We get a lot of people worrying about the safety and accessibility of axe throwing, but it's a remarkably safe and rapidly growing industry in the UK. It's also a big business in the US - the UK tends to follow US leisure trends after a few years so we're very confident in axe throwing sticking around.

"In terms of accessibility, we allow anyone aged 12+ to throw and professional leagues have children as young as 7 competing with specific guidelines in place for disabled competitors such as wheelchair users, so axe throwing is a lot more accessible than it might first seem.

"At the moment, we're looking to be the first range in Peterborough too, which should be fun as we get to introduce people who likely haven't considered axe throwing something they'd find themselves doing."