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Orton Park Cricket Club raises £2,000 for on-site defibrillator

An Orton Longueville cricket club is to install a defibrillator after meeting its fundraising goal in just eight hours. 
The emergency defibrillator at Orton Park Cricket Club will not be available when the club is closed

Plans to install the lifesaving device were discussed at Orton Longueville’s parish council meeting at the beginning of the month. 

Lynette Durham, who attends the meetings on behalf of Orton Park Cricket Club, said: “We’ve wanted to do a fundraiser for a defib for ages and ages and we finally thought we’d just get a message out there for future fundraising and what we’ve got planned. And one of the things was a defib. 

“One member said why don’t you just start a fundraiser online, so the message went out at quarter past twelve one afternoon and by half past eight that evening we had £2,000. 

“So Matt, who’s our treasurer, has taken charge of that. 

“We’re going to locate it on site on the outside of the building. Obviously it will be registered to the emergency services, but it won’t be down as available at all times. But our numbers would go on as a local number if we could get there and be able to help then we absolutely would. 

“We’ll be having training, but it does come so that anybody can use it. 

“So I’m quite pleased about that, because we did lose a member of our club at the wicket about 12 years ago. So it’s always been something I’ve wanted to do and I’m really pleased we’re going to get that sorted.”