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Dance school celebrating reopening and Ofsted registration

A Peterborough dance studio is celebrating its reopening from April 12 - and gaining Ofsted registration.
Hebden dance
Hebden School of Dance reopens from Monday

The Hebden School of Dancing, based at Peterborough One Retail Park, returns next week with a modified calendar and a host of children ready to dance again in a classroom.

Only a handful of the 500 children on the books have left the classes during the pandemic crisis, and those returning will enjoy going back to the ballet, street, jazz, acrobatics and other styles they enjoyed before.

Founder Chloe Hebden said: "We had been open 11 years when we moved in September; Ofqual then allowed us to stay half open throughout November, and then we closed completely in December.

"We have been doing our classes on Zoom and  the numbers doing that have got lower and lower we have been very lucky to lose so few permanently."

Shows planned for March 2020 and 2021 at the Cresset were both derailed by Covid, but Chloe is hopeful that March 2022 will not fall victim to the same issues.

In the meantime smaller events are planned, such as a photo shoot and princess days.

In addition, the school has recently been registered with Ofsted, and Chloe believes it is one of few stage schools in the Peterborough area to do so. 

This means parents can be reassured that the school will be regularly monitored and checked, but also means that it can accept childcare vouchers from a host of providers.

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