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New steps towards restricting HMOs in the Hamptons

A step towards planning restrictions which could reduce the number of houses of multiple occupation (HMOs) in the Hamptons will be voted on next week.
Hampton Vale councillor Marco Cereste has proposed a motion that would reduce future development of HMOs in Hampton

Conservative councillor Marco Cereste (Hampton Vale) wants to see the Hamptons covered by an Article 4 direction, which would mean that certain types of alterations will require planning permission in the area.

The motion put forward by Cllr Cereste relates specifically to those situations where dwelling houses (Class C3) are altered to HMOs (Class C4), and will be analysed at a council meeting on July 28.

It states: “More and more family homes are being turned into HMOs. 

“Residents are worried as this can lead to increased parking, traffic issues, health and safety (tenants and neighbours), as well as affecting the environment and fabrication of the area, which was not designed or planned for this impact.” 

The motion calls for a formal public consultation to look at introducing an Article 4 Zone “in the Hampton wards and any other ward in the city that is thought to be appropriate”. 

An ePetition in support of Cllr Cereste’s motion got 117 signatures before it closed on July 1. 

This motion comes after a similar suggestion from Conservative councillor Andy Coles (Fletton and Woodston ward) in March 2021. 

Residents in Fletton and Woodston raised the issue of parking congestion due to people living in HMOs all wanting to park in their street. 

At the council meeting on March 3, it was unanimously agreed that a report be commissioned to “identify specific locations across the city where the concentration of HMOs is having a significant and disruptive impact on the local residential community” with a view to developing an Article 4 direction that requires full planning application for HMO developments. 

Peterborough City Council currently has 56 Article 4 directions that cover 334 residential properties. 

The restrictions differ from area to area, but owners may be unable to extend, demolish, re-roof, tarmac their gardens or cover brickwork walls with render or paint.