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Peterborough environment charity welcomes solar panel success

Peterborough has the highest percentage of households with solar panels in the UK, with more than 1 in 10 homes having installations.
Peterborough has the highest percentage of households with solar panel installations in the UK (Photo: Charlotte Moore)

According to an analysis of UK government statistics by Project Etopia, 11.1pc of homes in Peterborough have solar panels installed. This amounts to more than 9,000 houses in the local authority.

Stirling, in Scotland, came second in the list, with 10.1pc of its households installing solar energy.

Stuart Dawks, interim chief executive of Peterborough Environment City Trust (PECT), said: "Our impact on the world, as a growing human population, is undeniable. We are at a critical point in time where we need to make lasting changes to how we live, and these changes require positive action from all members of society – including individuals, organisations, and the government.

"Encouraging action around improving the energy performance of buildings, decarbonising our transport, and using technology and innovation to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels will be some of our principal challenges. PECT supports innovative solutions for a more sustainable future, and this includes the transition to cleaner energy.

"That’s why it is fantastic to see Peterborough taking up solar technology, which will give us cleaner air and improved health, and support further action on climate change that is consistent with a 1.5C future path."

Cross Keys Homes, the social housing landlord, has installed solar panels on 50pc of its properties across the city.

Chief executive, Claire Higgins, said of the company's efforts: "As an organisation we look at every way we can improve our homes and the lives of the people who live in them. Putting solar panels on the roofs of over 50pc of our 11,000 homes has not only reduced the carbon footprint of our homes considerably, but also helps to reduce the fuel costs for our residents and has helped to lift many of them out of fuel poverty. We continue to install panels on new build homes where we can and ensure the homes we build are of the highest environmental specification possible.

"We have also installed panels on our own head office building to reduce its carbon footprint and our fuel costs, which as a non-profit organisation means we can put more money back into our communities. We are committed to looking at every green option available and are proud holders of the Investors in the Environment Green Accreditation."

This news comes less than a month after the announcement of a new solar farm proposed for a disused landfill site in Stanground. This site would generate significant amounts of renewable energy - projected to meet the demand of over 700 houses.

Last year, Peterborough City Council voted unanimously to declare a climate emergency and to commit to becoming net zero carbon by 2030.