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Grab the popcorn! Euros to be shown at Showcase for free

Football fans will be able to watch England, Scotland and Wales games for free at Showcase Cinema in Peterborough as the indoor venue plans to "bring football home".
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Grab the popcorn! Euros to be shown at Showcase for free (photo: Carly Beech)

Screenings will be available to fans for free, but it must be booked online in advance and attendees must arrive 10 minutes before the kick-off time.

The cinema has also teamed up with artist Nathan Wyburn to create artworks of each nation's footballing hero, including popcorn portraits of England captain Harry Kane, Welsh star Gareth Bale and Scotland skipper Andrew Robertson.

Wyburn, who first found fame on Britain's Got Talent in 2011, said: "Showcase Cinemas commissioned me to create a series of portraits to celebrate the upcoming Euros – and the nation’s favourite cinema snack, popcorn, made the perfect material to create these portraits.

"We all love popcorn, and I’m sure these players are no different. Hopefully these pieces of artwork will show that we’re all behind them, and we wish them luck."

vcsPRAsset_3848086_250167_10570a09-43e0-43d8-99cb-c50def332485_0Grab the popcorn! Euros to be shown at Showcase for free By Showcase Cinemas

Mark Barlow, Showcase's UK general manager, said: "We are proud to be able to offer fans the opportunity to come and watch the games at our cinemas and support their home nation.

"We have certainly been made to wait for this tournament, so we’re excited to finally be able to make the most of it.

"We also wanted to show the players we support them in a fun way, and it was great to work alongside Nathan to do this. His work is simply mesmerising and it’s amazing to see how he has recreated these football icons with nothing but popcorn."

The first game at Showcase Cinemas, Wales v Switzerland, kicks off on June 12 at 2pm. You can book tickets to watch it for free here

Alternatively, if you're looking for pubs and bars to watch the game, you can find more information on that here