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Extinction Rebellion leave clear climate message for Peterborough MP

Extinction Rebellion's Peterborough activists 'redecorated' the outside of the office of Peterborough MP Paul Bristow today to raise awareness of a new environmental report - but the meeting they want isn't in the diary yet.
Extinction Rebellion Peterborough took their latest action at the office of the Peterborough MP, Paul Bristow (Photo: XR Peterborough)

The annual Committee on Climate Change (CCC), released today, indicates that the UK's progress towards the legally-binding climate goals are "off track".

Greenhouse gas emissions are falling, but not fast enough to meet the goal of net-zero emissions by 2050, a target that Extinction Rebellion (XR) wants to be met sooner.

XR Peterborough visited the office of local MP Paul Bristow to deliver a letter from the wider XR organisation in the UK, and to invite Mr Bristow to meet with them to discuss the implications of the CCC report.

However Mr Bristow was away at the time, and was not impressed at the group's colourful approach.

XR member and activist Ana Brett explained: "We're here at our local MP's office to deliver a letter and to ask him to look at that report.

"We'd love him to come and meet with us so we can discuss our concerns, listen to what he thinks about it as well, and then think about how we can build a resilient and sustainable future for our community.

"This is so important, particularly as we're coming out of the COVID crisis."

The environmental activist group is urging people to write a letter to their MP to express their concerns about the climate crisis, as well as to support the CCC's six key principles for a resilient recovery from the coronavirus outbreak, which were delivered to the Prime Minister in a letter in May.

These principles include using climate investments to support economic recovery and jobs, strengthening incentives to reduce emissions when considering tax changes and leading a shift towards positive long-term behaviours.

Speaking to Peterborough Matters, Mr Bristow commented: “I am always happy to meet with constituents, but it does help if they book an appointment. That way, they don’t turn up when I’m in Parliament.

“We have cleared away the material that XR stuck over the windows of our office. Unlike some, we have also disposed of the waste in a legal and environmentally friendly way.

“Fortunately, the Climate Change Coalition have a different approach, and I have a virtual meeting with them arranged for Tuesday.”