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How to buy your favourite Nene Park products online

Nene Park is going digital with the launch of its new online shop, to move with the changing habits of shoppers post-pandemic.
A selection of items from the Ferry Meadows gift shop will be on sale through the online store (Photo: Supplied)

The shop will feature a selection of products from the visitor centre and gift shop at Ferry Meadows. A range of branded souvenirs, local walking and cycling maps, outdoor and wildlife products, as well as gift items and binoculars will all be available. All proceeds will go back to the maintenance of Nene Park.

A Christmas range will also be on offer as the winter draws in.

The Trust's eco-ambitions have led to the e-commerce system being as environmentally friendly as possible. Sustainable packaging will be used at all times, many suppliers are local, and national companies used have proven environmental accreditations and practices.

Simon Gardner, visitor operations manager, commented: "Online retail sales are currently over 50% higher than pre-pandemic levels. We know that many people are choosing to shop online to avoid visiting a public environment and wanted to meet increasing demand for different ways to shop. Our new online venture ensures that supporters are able to access their favourite items from the security of their own home."

The online shop can be accessed on the Nene Park website.