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'No damage done' to artefacts at Flag Fen after fire

Arsonists set Flag Fen alight last month on October 3 and destroyed one of the classrooms – but Pat Carrington at City College Peterborough said that no damage has been done to the artefacts.
No damage has been done to the artefacts at Flag Fen following the fire (photo: Terry Harris / LocalPix)

Flag Fen was handed over to City Culture Peterborough at the end of September and days later one of the outdoor classrooms was set alight. Luckily, it was confirmed in Peterborough City Council's Shareholder's Committee that there was no damage done to the artefacts. 

Pat Carrington said: "As you are aware, within a few days of picking up Flag Fen there was a fire there – luckily no damage was done to the artefacts.

"It does mean we need to look at the security and see how we update that going forward. We're looking at investing in the facilities to improve them and make them accessible all year round."

She confirmed that the team at City Culture Peterborough would be looking at how to improve the use of Flag Fen and added they have received the support of Francis Pryor, the archeologist who founded Flag Fen.

"This fantastic outdoor space could work with families, schools, academics and residents all year round. We've had discussions and met with Francis Pryor, the archeologist who discovered Flag Fen and he's really excited about what we're thinking about moving forward.

"We're going to set up a small team that will put forward a plan for how we can develop this for the academic side but also how we can make an asset that people can access. 

"Historic England are excited about this as well and looking how they can support this in developing this nationally important pre-historic site."

Flag Fen is currently still closed following the national lockdown, but a provisional reopening date has been confirmed by City Culture Peterborough as December 21.