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Peterborough pupils flash their creative side with classroom decor

As students prepare for the phased return to schools on June 1, children of key workers who are already at school are keeping busy.
Hampton College decor
Hampton College students have been busy getting creative (photo: Hampton College)

Secondary school students aren't expected to return to school until September, but in the meantime, children of key workers remain firmly in the classroom. 

To lift spirits, instead of charging ahead with the curriculum, students have been focusing on different areas of their education while allowing their creative side to run wild. 

With three classrooms in action yesterday, May 21, students had a schedule which consisted of library time, pom pom making, French bingo, origami lessons, making DIY bathbombs and PE. 

Sharing the information on their Facebook page, the school wrote: "We had three classrooms in action today and we quickly started the day with Online resources mixing in the Daily Mile and Library time for different students at different times.

"Mrs Burns and Miss Phillips were all creative again today, and the students enjoyed the pom pom making.

"Students with Mrs Lorenzini and Ms Rossouw where put through their paces with a challenging French Bingo and recalling numbers in French. The great leaders today were Nicole, Taylor and Kade. Showing a great flare for the language was Caris, James and Max.

"Mrs Collins has taken origami to a new level and there will be a display. Miss Rich and Miss Williams showed the students how to make bath bombs at home and also some elephant rainbow toothpaste.

"For our PE session today a small group of students went out to bask in the sunshine – and to do some circuit training with Mr Quy, although every time Miss Bowd checked they were laying down! Just before we broke for lunch the group headed out for a short lap around the field for a bit of vitamin D.