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Cafe Culture could extend out of centre with Gurkha Lounge application

Cafe Culture is being implemented in Peterborough as restaurants prepare to reopen outdoor areas on April 12, and after plans to launch the scheme in the city centre, it now may be extended to Hampton.
Gurkha Lounge outdoors
Gurkha Lounge has applied for an outdoor pavement licence

Subject to approval from Peterborough City Council (PCC), Gurkha Lounge may be taking part in the new Cafe Culture in Peterborough which includes a fast-approval of pavement licences with a seven-day turnaround. 

The restaurant has been working throughout offering takeaway, but customers will now be given the green-light to return to the restaurant and dine outdoors. 

Alongside their plans to open an outdoor area at the Hampton Vale restaurant, they will also be extending their hours from midday to 10:30pm from April 12. 

Many restaurants in the city centre have already applied for pavement licences as part of the new scheme, and now there is hope for it to extend further across the city. 

Cllr Marco Cereste, who is in complete support of the Cafe Culture, is hopeful that more restaurants across the city will get involved. 

He previously said to Peterborough Matters: "Hopefully it will not only help existing businesses, but also attract more visitors and encourage them to stay longer when they do come, that’s what we’re trying to achieve. 

"It’s also something nice in the city centre, we have new lighting and everything working as it should do, it’s coming on really well, you’ll start to see it over the next few weeks. Eventually, I would hope to extend this for people in other areas of the city, perhaps Hampton or Bretton, but people have to come forward with proposals.

"We are talking to the planners about making these things permanent. We want to spend the money and then get the benefit of it over a long period of time, a lot of businesses that we are talking to are quite happy to do that.

"It would be a huge benefit to our city and the greater footfall we get in our city the better it is for businesses. We would have a successful, vibrant Peterborough."