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Hampton schools gifted new Chromebooks

Four schools in Hampton are to benefit from £3,000 worth of new computer equipment thanks to the parish council
Hampton Chromebooks
Hampton Parish Council have donated Chromebooks to local schools (photo: Hampton Parish Council)

Hampton Hargate, Hampton Vale, Hampton College and Hampton College Primary will each receive new computers.

Hampton Hargate have received five Chromebooks already, while the schools surrounding them are likely to receive theirs in September once they send their requests to Hampton Parish Council.

It was decided at the July meeting that the Parish Council would donate £3,000 worth of computer technology to assist disadvantaged youngsters. The money would be shared equally between the schools and once donated these would be passed on to youths living within the parish to assist them with any home learning during the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic. The schools could use their own criteria for who would receive one. 

Parish Council Chair Cllr Karen Toynton-Ward and Committee Chair Cllr Vijay Patel handed the equipment over to Hampton Hargate headteacher Andy Lyons to distribute around the school. 

Schools are now set to return in September.

Jonathan Lewis, Director of Education for Cambridgeshire County and Peterborough City Councils, said: "Throughout the whole lockdown period we have consistently had more schools open for vulnerable and keyworker children than the national average.

"Our schools have shown great resilience and resourcefulness throughout this crisis, and by now are well versed in knowing how to adapt their buildings and teaching practices to accommodate our children and young people. We will work with them right through the summer, and each school will be sure to keep parents updated with their plans. 

"I know personally just how much our school leaders and staff are looking forward to being able to welcome back their pupils."

Teachers will be able to distribute Chromebooks as they see fit to help students with homework after school or, in the event of a second wave, home learning.