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Concern over high water readings in Hampton leads to review

Councillors in Hampton Vale have launched a review of the water supply with Anglian Water after residents complained of getting charged too much.
Anglian Water tap
Anglian Water are looking into the increase in water bills in Hampton Vale (Photo: Pixabay)

Residents of Hampton Vale have reported high water meter readings particularly around the new development, which Anglian Water believes could be a factor.

Two options were drawn up to discuss the assessment of the high readers with Anglian Water, with option one removing the meter and testing whether the water is running too fast, which would cost £300 if no fault was found, or a system assessment to ensure that the water charge isn't coming from elsewhere, which would cost £100 if no fault is found.

Cllr Vijay Patel requested that the supply is tested, he said: "I think they should test the supply as it seems that it has all gone wrong as more houses were built on it."

Cllr Karen Ward added: "I agree, I think we started with option two and see where we go with it."

The decision to assess the water supply through the second option was unanimous and they're hopeful the problem can be fixed for residents as soon as possible.