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Roadblocks return to stifle car meets for Bank Holiday weekend

Complaints regarding car meets in Vivacity Car Park in Hampton, Peterborough, have been circulating since last summer; the local councillors in Hampton are getting ahead of it this year in preparation for Bank Holiday Weekend.
Car meets block
Roadblocks return to avoid car meets for Bank Holiday weekend (photo: Councillor John Howard)

The temporary barriers which were put in place last summer following noise complaints have returned in time for Bank Holiday weekend.

Local councillors in Hampton shared a photo in Hampton Gazette Magazine about the new plans. 

They said: "We have secured agreement from our enforcement team to install temporary barriers at the Vivacity Premier Fitness Site for the Bank Holiday weekend.

"I will be asking if we can extend their stay until the gym reopens.

"We met a Police and Crime Commissioner candidate Darryl Preston this week to discuss the issues facing us at the site and the permanent solutions we are working on to prevent the antisocial car cruising that has inflicted this area of Hampton."

Last year, Vivacity Premier Fitness became a prime location for car meets, with disruptive behaviour reported often. While most residents haven't complained about people attending, concerns are more regarding the noise going into the early hours of the morning. 

With housing estates and care homes near by, the noise has unnerved some, with calls to both the police and local councillors to attempt to tone it down.