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Permanent barriers to replace temporary blocks to stifle car meets

Concerns over the noise and gatherings at Vivacity Car Park in Hampton, Peterborough, due to car meets have been raised over the course of the year; after temporary measures, permanent barriers will now be installed.
Car meets block
The roadblocks will be replaced with permanent barriers (photo: Councillor John Howard)

The Vivacity Premier Fitness car park became a prime spot for car meets throughout 2020, with local councillors implementing temporary road blocks in a bid to stifle unauthorised car meets. 

Dispersal orders have now been authorised for the area and now funding has been set aside for permanent barriers, which the Vivacity team has said they will open and close daily. 

Councillor John Howard shared the news in various Hampton groups, writing: "We have had temporary barriers at various points of the lockdown, we have secured dispersal orders for the area and we have had regular dialogue with local residents, the police, the City Council Enforcement Team and the car park landowners. We have set aside funding for barriers, after the landowners sadly declined our requests to contribute to the cost of gates at the site.

"We are very thankful there is an agreement in place from the Vivacity team that members of staff will open and close the barriers daily with the necessary signage in place. We now seek the final consent from the landowners following all the necessary legal checks and with the agreement of staff participation in place, we hope this will come in a matter of weeks.

"This issue has been of great importance to us as the disruptive behaviour has impacted residents lives, and whilst some solutions take time, we have never stopped working on behalf of of our residents to achieve a lasting solution for the Vivacity site."