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Six-year-old Harrison fundraising for toys for hospital children

Six-year-old Harrison Smith has started fundraising for Peterborough City Hospital to add more toys to the Amazon Children's Ward.
Fundraising football
Harrison has been fundraising with his team (photo: Racheal Smith)

He has since encouraged his football team, Peterborough United pre-academy, to join him, and their coaches have backed him completely. 

Harrison's mum, Racheal Smith, 31, said: "He came up with the idea he would like to do some fundraising for our local hospital to try and get the Amazon ward some new toys and resources they may need.

"His first thought was 'What if they have had to throw items away because a child with coronavirus has played with it for everyone’s safety?' He said I want to make children’s stay in hospital a bit more happier because some children are very poorly and that makes him sad. 

"On Thursday, May 7, they will be starting a 5k at 7:30pm in Hampton just in time to clap at 8pm for the keyworkers, hopefully they will be on their last few laps. This will also be recorded on Facebook live for all donators to watch. 

"The boys have a designed T-shirt on their way as well to show support for the NHS and their pledges printed on the reverse along with their names."

The football team have pledged to do the following daily: 

200 sit ups

200 squats 

200 star jumps 

200 press ups

Meanwhile, they will be running 10k per week for two months. The pledge started on Monday, May 4 and the children involved vary in age from six to 11 years old. 

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