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Peterborough in the future: PM launches new VR app

Peterborough Matters has tried to be innovative in what it brings to the city - and today we're launching our finest product yet!
How life could look if you fancy a cuppa in the central reservation of Bourges Boulevard

Our new PM virtual reality app will allow you to visualise the future changes in our city, from the comfort of your own smartphone.

Developers have spent weeks putting together a product that allows you to see exactly what Peterborough faces in the next few years.

The app comes in three modes:

Cafe Culture is on its way to Peterborough, with several city centre venues already signed up to expand out onto the cobbles. But for those eager to experience coffee in a few different locations across the city our app is just your cup of tea!

Our app immediately projects a table and chairs wherever you want them - complete with flowers (£2 extra), masks (£5 extra) and six-month old scotch eggs! (£20 extra)

Want to see what an outdoor set of chairs would look like outside B and M? Or the middle of Bourges Boulevard? How about coffees and biscuits outside the court!?

Simply scan your vaccine passport input your details and download this great new technology marvel!

Embankment Stadium

With the plan yet to be approved, we can only dream of what a 20,000 seater stadium could appear on the Embankment for visits from Wimbledon and Rochdale. 

However thanks to our app you can picture exactly what it will look like in a variety of settings, including Championship Success, League 1 Ambivalence and League 2 Shame! 

Stadium modes available include Ferencvaros, the Nou Camp, Old Trafford, and Sixfields. 

For an extra £5 (ARU student discount price £4.99) you can visualise what the current stadium will look like after the new one is built! (Modes available: flats....and anything else we can think of I guess)

Climbing Wall

One plan that has been approved is the activity centre at Gunwade Lake, and now thanks to our new app you can see exactly what our future Olympians can tackle as they walk around discarded barbecues to the wall! 

Thanks to our technology you can see the wall in any colour you like, including Ferry Meadows camouflage, optimistic green, planning committee red and urban decay grey. 

The patented PM height adjuster will allow you to set where you can see the wall from - from Orton Waterville to Wisbech! Why stop at a 34 metres wall - How about 340?

Extra settings available (£5) include Ham Lane traffic and a special park-where-you-like interactive game at Nene Park Entrance!

For more on how to download the app email us at