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We wouldn't let lockdown 'ruin business before it began' says AJ

Many businesses fell victim to Covid-19 and the lockdown that followed, but new ones arguably had the worst hit.
Kingdom Fitness & Martial Arts
We wouldn't let lockdown 'ruin business before it began' says AJ

Kingdom Fitness & Martial Arts, based on the Eagle Business Park in Yaxley, thought they may have been lucky enough to have missed it, picking up the keys to their new premises on December 4, 2020, when the second national lockdown ended. 

However, mere weeks later, Peterborough was plunged into Tier 3, then almost as quickly as that happened, Tier 4, before the entire country fell into the third and longest national lockdown experienced in England. 

Despite facing challenges before they had even begun, AJ Jeffrey, owner of Kingdom Fitness & Martial Arts, said he was adamant that he would not let lockdown beat him or ruin the business. 

Talking to Peterborough Matters, AJ said: "I used the time wisely to spend the time carefully selecting the right equipment and turning the empty shell of the new building into a warm, welcoming but highly professional training environment. 

"We were finally able to open our doors for the first time on April 12 when we could begin Personal Training sessions and also begin both our Junior Fitness and Junior Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) programmes. The Junior programmes have attracted a lot of 5 to 15 year olds already which is great to see. 

"Then on May 17 we could at long last and for the very first time open our doors to the adult population for our group fitness programmes such as our strength and conditioning fitness circuits, and also our adults MMA and Muay Thai classes.

"I do feel very proud that I took the risk to start a new business in the middle of Covid, let alone a brand new gym and at the time having no idea when I would be able to open for the first time, and then couldn't open for over a third of a year after initially getting my keys but we have come out the other side smiling." 

You are also able to book the studio privately if you don't like training in a public environment. 

Both juniors and adults have been able to get involved with the classes, which has been great for AJ and the team - with the business going from strength to strength, they're just hopeful it can continue going forward. 

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