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Future of Mixology's parkway parties to be decided at committee meeting

A decision will be taken on whether to grant Mixology's licence request for its parkway events - with a strong majority in favour of giving them the go-ahead.
The Licensing Act 2003 sub-committee of Peterborough City Council will determine whether to grant Mixology's application

The licensing act sub-committee of Peterborough City Council will meet next week, on August 4, to determine the outcome of Mixology's application to host music events under Orton Mere parkway.

The first event is due to take place on Saturday, August 14 from 12-10pm.

Representations for and against the application have been received although nothing has been submitted from any responsible authorities, including Cambridgeshire Constabulary, Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service or Peterborough City Council's health and safety or Environmental pollution teams.

Of the 48 valid representations received by the licensing committee, nine are against the event and 39 are in favour.

Those in favour praised Mixology's previous events in both quality and attention paid to cleaning up and safety, while highlighting the importance of encouraging live events in Peterborough.

Local artists wrote of their support for the event, as did representatives from Peterborough Pride and independent business Coyotes Bar and Grill.

Parish and city councillors were among those objecting to the event, citing worries about alcohol being consumed near the river, the potential noise impact and the effect on wildlife.

Not all matters within the representations will be deemed relevant for consideration under the Licensing Act with the committee deciding what weight to attach to the matters raised.

Conditions already agreed to by Mixology include the maintenance of a "comprehensive digital colour CCTV system", the provision of door supervisors and a documented risk assessment.

The organisers have agreed to appoint a noise control consultant and conduct a noise test at least three hours before the event to ensure limits are appropriate.

Bins will be provided, notices displayed at all exits requesting respect for the needs of local residents and valid public liability insurance will be in place.

At the meeting, the Licensing Act sub-committee can decide to:

  • grant the licence as it was applied for
  • grant the licence but modify or add conditions
  • exclude a licensable activity from the licence
  • refuse to grant the licence.

The decision will be taken on August 4 at a 1.30pm meeting.