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Former Chanel makeup artist uses skills to help those living with cancer

A Peterborough makeup and beauty artist has been helping women affected by cancer feel “a little more feminine” during their treatment with eyebrow microblading. 
Feedback from clients has been positive for L R Pro's microblading service

Lucy Rose Hanagan, who owns beauty business L R PRO, has been offering a microblading service to people living with cancer. 

After working as a makeup artist for 14 years – for big brands like Chanel and Dior – Lucy discovered microblading, which is a semi-permanent tattooing technique that many use to shape their eyebrows. 

She trained for eight months and then in April 2019 decided that it was a skill she wanted to use to set up her own business. 

L R PRO runs out of Priestgate in Peterborough and also offers wedding makeup and makeup lessons, but it’s Lucy’s work with those affected by cancer that makes her proudest. 

“I got involved because I really want to do something for the better,” she told Peterborough Matters. 

“My whole philosophy with makeup and brow artistry is that it should really enhance each individual.  

“I don’t really believe in using makeup as a mask; I want to use it to empower women and make them feel confident and make them feel like their best selves.  

“So this was the instinctive route for me to go down with microblading; I knew I could help women who were going through something traumatic or losing their hair. I can make a change for them and help them by making them feel beautiful still and good about themselves.” 

Lucy has had close family members battle cancer – her grandmother and her sister – so she knows first-hand what the entire experience, not just the treatment itself but the after-effects too, can do to a person’s life. 

But it’s important to remember that her clients aren’t defined by their diagnosis. She makes getting to know each individual woman a priority, building up a profile based on their personality, personal style, lifestyle choices. 

She said: “All of that helps me connect with them and design brows they’re going to feel their confident selves in. 

“I like to spend a bit of time talking to clients and then we draw their brows on with makeup first so they can approve shape, style and colour. 

“A lot of my work is natural-looking, because I try to create brows that look like real hair. That’s my biggest compliment – when people haven’t even noticed women’s brows have been tattooed but maybe know there’s something different about them.” 

Feedback from a recent client was glowing – she said that her new brows would “allow [her] to feel a little more feminine during a difficult time” – and Lucy says this is a fortunate trend she’s experiencing. 

“My main aim is to make people feel their most beautiful and confident selves,” she said. “But when I meet people affected by cancer, they inspire me. To adjust to life when it doesn’t go as planned and instead greet the life that’s waiting – that's style and grace.” 

Microblading for those affected by cancer is a service that L R PRO will continue to offer for as long as Lucy is in the industry, she says, but she has bigger plans too. 

“I hope to one day build up a clinic specifically designed for this treatment. And I’d love to go into training. It would be amazing to have an academy/studio clinic based purely to help people affected by cancer. 

“I know a lot of people think the industry is shallow and 'it's just makeup' but I've seen it change so many people's lives. If you feel good about yourself you're outwardly different and how you see the world can be different too.”